Nippon Chuzo K.K. 100th


Nippon Chuzo offers three key advantages

We are constantly developing exciting new materials and products; our unparalleled technical expertise means that we can guarantee customer satisfaction; and our sense of pride and teamwork delivers the ultimate in quality and efficiency. Only Nippon Chuzo can deliver such exceptional added value backed by dedication to outstanding service.


Operating divisionsBuilding the foundations of prosperity

Castings Division

The Castings Division supplies casting products that represent the culmination of years of experience and expertise together with the latest production technology, designed to the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability to provide the optimum solution every time.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division supplies a range of products designed to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in line with the evolving demands of the marketplace.

Construction Materials Division

The Construction Materials Division supplies industry-leading products and techniques that combine advanced design and casting technology with innovative and progressive ideas. These products contribute directly to the structural strength and aesthetic beauty of many of our most iconic buildings and structures, adding an important element of design flexibility to modern building design.


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